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I wax people the way I would want to be waxed! It's just that simple.

A Little About Jae

I have been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years serving a diverse clientele.  Recently, I took my career in a different direction and focused specifically on waxing.

I am a skilled and experienced Brazilian waxer, which can make the difference between a torturesome wax (you may have experienced this at some point before) and a pleasant experience.


The Technique

Currently, our team does more than 100 Brazilian waxes per week.  The team am impeccable about cleanliness, using the DIP & DISCARD technique for sanitary waxing.  For male and female clients, I provide both a professional and comfortable experience.

I wear non-latex gloves during the waxing procedure and a beeswax-based, hard wax for client comfort and ease of hair removal.

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