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Unisex, Full-Body Waxing and Skin Care Treatments


Welcome to The Wax Den

 Where we use European hard wax!




We cater to diverse clientele seeking a pleasant experience in a warm, inviting environment. Countless hours went into the thoughtful details that created The Wax Den. We take great pride in our “Den” and invite you to indulge your skin with one of our services, including bikini facials. The Wax Den also offers top of the line hair removal services with European hard wax, making your hair removal experience as comfortable as possible. We know that your time is precious and have established a salon in which you can trust that your personal care needs will be taken care of professionally. Get the health benefits you need from waxing regularly and caring for your skin.

To ensure the utmost professional experience for our guests, we adhere to a 24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy and an 8-minute late policy. Please come a few minutes early to check-in for your appointment. Thank you.


**At home care products are NOT REFUNDABLE



Please stay in your car until instructed to enter the studio.

Please come alone.

We no longer have a waiting area.

No mask, no service.


We have a sink ready.

Wash your hands.

Leave belongings in your car_

Please leave belongings in the car. No food or drink allowed.


Please adhere to social distancing in the studio.

Get the skin you want with a manzilian wax or brazilian bikiniwax in Nutley at The Wax Den. Best of Essex winner of 2016
Get the skin you want with a manzilian wax or brazilian bikiniwax in Nutley at The Wax Den.