Eyebrow Extension

Eyebrow extension is a similar application technique as eyelash extension because the existing eyebrow hairs are extended with synthetic hair by adhesive to give more length and thickness. Clients must have at least a minimum amount of eyebrow hair to attach the extension. This service is ideal for clients with alopecia or thin eyebrows due to age, over plucking or chemotherapy.



Eyebrow extension accommodates several natural eyebrow types.


   Level I - Best for clients with naturally fuller eyebrows with clear arch definition.

   Level II - For clients with less naturally full eyebrows but visible eyebrow hair and clear arch definition.

   Level III - Perfect for clients with sparse eyebrow hair with almost no arch definition.

Don't worry about selecting your level. Our licensed cosmetologists will provide you an in depth consultation and recommend the best level for you to achieve the eyebrow look you have always wanted!

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