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Bridal Waxing

For the Bride! The Phenomenal Brazilian


At The Wax Den we help hundreds of New Jersey brides prepare for their special day. Brazilian waxing is our number one requested service and quite often we are found by local brides in anticipation of having a hair-free honeymoon.

We have many brides call us because they are anxious to have a brazilian waxing service done right before their big day and night!

A brazilian wax is sexy and fun and very exciting. Add a little Vajazzle bling and you are all set! 
We do, however, recommend that you do not leave this treatment until the last minute. Come and see your wax artist 4-5 weeks before your wedding for your first phenomenal waxing experience. The reason for this lies in the fact that the first time you have a brazilian or bikini wax your skin can be a little tender. Although the risk is minimal because we use hard wax, until we've waxed you the first time, we can not be sure how your skin will respond to the wax. Having done at least one wax before your wedding wax will grant you peace of mind. You now know what to expect! 


FYI: Three bikini area waxing services should be performed three weeks apart. Less hair and slower regrowth leaves one less thing to worry about, it is a great idea to have one to two waxes before your important day. Schedule your second wax two to three days before the wedding and feel confident that your wedding festivities, from photos to the honeymoon will be everything you wanted them to be.


Don't worry though if somehow "Brazilian" waxing didn't make it into your wedding planner. You don't have time for two waxes before the wedding? All is not lost. We will take great care of you. We would like you to come see us three to four days before the wedding and we promise to tell you everything you need to know about how to care for your skin and keep your skin looking beautiful for your big day.


Some fun little facts about New Jersey brides and The Wax Den are:


  • we get a bridal surge just after Christmas and right before Valentine's Day

  • most of our brides come from the Northern/Central areas

  • most brides come to their first appointment with their best friend

  • most brides honeymoon in warm places

  • most brides become addicted to the Brazilian wax and become lifelong clients of The Wax Den.

  • most brides wax for their future husbands...most brides come back AFTER the wedding for themselves! 



At The Wax Den, you will find a studio that specializes in the Brazilian. Our licensed cosmetologist and wax artists are trained in waxing (hard wax) and perform more than 60 waxes per week. Sanitation is a must. We never double dip into the wax pot. Sharing is caring, but we definitely won’t share the previous client’s DNA with you. So, no worries. We educate all of our guests, so if you are new to waxing, you will leave knowing how to take care of your newly waxed skin after your service. Believe it or not, there is a short list of do's and don'ts.

Bridal waxing is indeed special. Why? Well, because as a bride you are preparing for the big event. You want that day to be perfect. When you select your caterer, you choose very carefully. Same with photographer, same with your waxer. Don't leave a wedding Brazilian wax up to chance. 
Come see us at The Wax Den, where Brazilian waxing is our number one requested service. Waxing, is what we do, all day long, five days a week from early to late. Book online today.





A beautifully shaped brow is a must. For brides, Jae recommends having brows assessed two months before the wedding day. This will give you and your brow expert time to get them in tip-top shape. Since most brow grooming lasts approximately 3-4 weeks this gives you ample time to have them done at least twice before, which will help insure fabulous brows on the big day. If you’ve passed the two-month mark, then make sure you have them groomed one week prior to the wedding day. Waxing should not be performed if

you use any of the following, Retin-A, Glycolic, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid. A tweezing of the eyebrow may be

performed, to provide a clean, defined shape. All waxing services are performed by a licensed



Eyebrow Aesthetics $27.00

Bikini Waxing $35.00

Brazilian Waxing $45.00

Full Leg Wax $66.00



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